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The italian Project 2b
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The italian Project 2b

T. Marin - S. Magnelli
Course of Italian language for English speaking students. Intermediate (level B2)


It is the English version in two volumes of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2. In fact, the notes inside the grammar tables are in English and the texts of Conosciamo l’Italia are accompanied with an Italian-English glossary. The instructions of the exercises are in Italian. The book is completed by the Grammar Appendix and the Grammar notes (both in English) and by the Italian-English Glossary with the translation of all the words and expressions of the Student’s book and Workbook.
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It features:

  • Pre-reading and pre-listening activities to enhance student motivation;
  • Use of a modern language through original, spontaneous and pleasant situations and dialogues;
  • Balance between communicative elements and grammar, presented in an inductive way and summarized in charts that are easy to understand and consult;
  • Communicative activities that motivate and enhance learning;
  • Systematic work on all four language skills;
  • Self-evaluation exercises at the end of each unit to make it possible for the student, but also for the teacher, to have an up-to-date picture of progress made;
  • Presentation of Italian socio-cultural real life through the use of authentic material and brief passages useful for reading comprehension;
  • Systematic review of morphosyntactic structures and vocabulary;
  • Exercises that also reflect the various types of the certification exams: Celi, Cils, Plida and other diplomas;
  • Direct correspondence and vocabulary coherence between the Student’s book and the Workbook;
  • Modern graphic layout that is clear, pleasant and appealing;
  • Easy to use by students of different nationalities.

Here there is a video from video course:

The Italian Project 2b offers:

Student’s book & Workbook (in one volume in semi hard back cover), spread over 5 units, with writing activities, crosswords, listening tests, video activities, didactic games, unit tests, review tests every 3 units and 4 progress tests
i-d-e-e, a platform that incorporates all the exercises from the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers
DVD Video (90’ – Nuovo Progetto italiano Video, PC/ Mac compatible), attached to the Student’s book containing episodes of a didactic sit-com, authentic interviews and an innovative quiz. It is accompanied by the teacher’s guide available, on line.
audio CD (new edition)
Interactive whiteboard software
Inteactive CD-Rom (2.1 version – PC/Mac compatible) downloadable for free from Edilingua’s site.
Teacher’s Guide, with valuable tips and suggestions for enhanced use of the book, games and playful activities, exercise solutions, tests and more photocobiable material. The book is entirely available also online.
Undici racconti, a collection of 10 short stories inspired by some dialogues of Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 and related to the grammar and vocabulary taught in the unit.
Progetti, one per unit, for cooperative teaching and task based learning.
Online activities, for in-depth authentic information about the topics covered in each unit.
Progress tests, Extra activities and games (available on the website of Edilingua).
Supplementary material in various languages with the translation of the vocabulary and brief grammar notes.


The Italian Project 2b can be accompanied by Una grammatica italiana per tutti 2 (which presents grammar phenomena in the same order as the book), Ascolto Medio and La Prova orale 2.
  • The Italian Project 2b (Student’s book, workbook and video activities) + CD-ROM + audio CD

    ISBN 978-88-9843-303-2
    pp. 224 - formato 21 x 28
    Price: 29.90€   25.42€
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 - Guida didattica

    ISBN 978-960-6632-73-0
    pp. 192 - formato 21 x 28
    Price: 12.90€   10.97€
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 - CD Audio (2)

    ISBN 978-960-6632-74-7
    Price: 13.50€   11.48€
  • Undici Racconti

    ISBN: 978-960-6632-34-1
    pp. 48 - formato 17 x 24
    Price: 7.30€   6.21€
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano Video 2 - DVD (NTSC)

    ISBN 978-960-693-039-3
    (Versione NTSC: USA, Canada, Brasile ecc.)
    Price: 13.00€   11.05€
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano Video 2 - DVD (PAL)

    ISBN 978-960-693-024-9
    Price: 13.00€   11.05€
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2b

    Quaderno interattivo degli esercizi (B2)
    unità 6-11
    Price: 4.90€   4.17€