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i-d-e-e no. 3: collaborate, communicate, socialise!
  • Dear Colleagues,

    The puzzle of the i-d-e-e (italiano-digitale-edizioni-edilingua) platform is being completed, little by little. Those of you who have followed this project up to now know that in i-d-e-e you will find, among other things:

    1. our workbooks, including video courses, in interactive form

    2. a digital Gradebook (Registro virtuale) with analytical data on class and student performance

    3. many digital tools that help students organise their studies, such as Interactive Grammar

    4. innovative tools through which teachers can make lessons more engaging, effective and personalised, such as interactive tests and games.

    i-d-e-e is a multi-platform that offers endless possibilities, selecting and and integrating the best education technologies. As a result, we could not help but use the educational tools offered by Web 2.0, which allows participants to create and share materials and content, as well as communicate and socialise.

    As you can see in the third video on i-d-e-e (available also on, schools and teachers can easily create

    a blog for each class (where you can upload tests, images, audio, etc. for the students to read, listen to and comment on)
    wikis (virtual spaces in which students, in groups, can collaborate, create, write and work on projects).

    What’s more, students who learn Italian with Edilingua books will have access to a global community - an educational social network, where they can chat, communicate and collaborate with other Italian language students!

    With i-d-e-e, learning becomes an experience that goes beyond the limits of time and space of the classroom, and our classes open to the world!

    See you soon, with more tools and materials!

    Edilingua Edizioni
    da insegnanti a insegnanti

    P.S. We’d like to thank you for the enthusiasm with which you have accepted i-d-e-e: we are working – and investing – a great deal to meet all your needs!