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The board game of Via del Corso A1 is available!

  • Dear teachers,

    We are glad to inform you that the board game for Via del Corso A1 - Gioco di società is now available. It is the first game box combined with a language course for adults and young adults! 300 cards (6 decks of 50 cards) to diversify the lesson, motivate and entertain the class!

    Each card deck is related to the content and the story of two units of the book and presents 4 different type of games:
    TABÙ – One player has to make the others guess the word on his card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.
    INDOVINA – One player has to guess who or what he is (for example, a profession, a place, an object) by asking the other players questions with yes or no answer.
    CIAK! – Players can choose whether to mimic the word or action of box 1, or perform the communicative task of box 2.
    MIX – The player has to perform a specific task or answer a question.

    Some of the cards can be used for other two games:
    ARTISTI SI… NASCE! – One player has to draw a word and his teammates have to guess what word it is.
    IMPROVVISIAMO – The players must form sentences of meaning using the words written in the cards in their possession. The sentences must be linked to those already pronounced by opponents.

    In the box you will also find 4 carte guida, the instructions and a foldable card holder.

    Have fun!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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