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Put an Edilingua present under the christmas tree! ...
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are just a few days away from Christmas and everyone is thinking of presents. These are the surprises that Edilingua has prepared for you and your students (that we feel a little bit ours, too)!

    For orders made between the 8th of December and the 8th of January:

    1) an Edilingua pen for every order of any amount!

    2) for orders of 30 euro or more, including the shipping cost, an Edilingua pocket notebook!

    In addition, for orders of 5 or 10 copies of the series Primiracconti, Raccontimmagini and L’Italia è cultura we will grant you a discount respectively of the 30% and 35%!

    We wish you Happy Holidays!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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    PS. Our warehouse will be closed from the 24th December to the 3nd January. During those days no orders will be processed.