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Contest for students of Italian
  • Dear colleagues,

    To celebrate its 15th anniversary (1996-2011), Edizioni Edilingua organizes a video-contest for students of the Italian language, open until 30th November.


    There are 3 categories:

    A. students that use Nuovo Progetto italiano;
    B. students that use Progetto italiano Junior;
    C. students that use Forte!

    How it works

    Students can participate in groups (minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 persons) with a short video (maximum 2 minutes). The video will be inspired by a dialogue of the book that they use (respectively Nuovo Progetto italiano, Progetto italiano Junior and Forte!). For example it can be a humorous or alternative version of the dialogue.

    Each school or each teacher can participate with more groups.

    Where to upload the video

    The video (to run with phones, cameras, etc.) can be loaded on the special YouTube channel we have created:


    Each video must be named as follows: “COUNTRY/TEACHER/CLASS or LEVEL”. For example “Spain/Marchetti/2A”. The text below the video must contain the name of the school, the names of the group members (if legal age)*, the city, an e-mail (of the school or of the teacher) and the reference to the dialogue that inspired the video (ex. Forte! 1, pagina 15).

    *students under age can play disguised with wigs, glasses, etc. and for them it is not necessary to report their personal information, not even the city.

    To upload your video, school or teacher will require the password by writing to [email protected]

    Videos must NOT be sent to Edilingua! In the help section of YouTube you can find tips on how to upload the video. Edilingua cannot provide any technical assistance.

    Winners and prizes

    Awards will be given for the 6 most viewed videos, meaning those that had the most views: each group member will receive a title chosen from the Primiracconti or Raccontimmagini series and an educational poster. All material will be posted by Edilingua to the teacher or to the school, not to each individual student.

    Of these 18 most popular videos, a committee - composed of Edilingua authors and editors - will select the best 6 (2 per category), based on originality and language contents.

    For these 6 videos the following prizes are previewed:

    For the group of students: didactic material for a value of Euro 400 (shipping cost included) for orders made through Edilingua web site. For example, if the group is composed of 5 students, each student will receive material to the value of 80 Euro.

    For the teacher: didactic material to the value of Euro150 (shipping cost included) for orders made through Edilingua web site.

    For the school: didactic material to the value of Euro150 (shipping cost included) for orders made through Edilingua web site.

    The winners will not be required to pay any charge.


    Videos can be uploaded starting from 2nd May 2011 until 30th November. The results will be announced on 10th December on the Edilingua web site and by email to the teachers and to the schools concerned.