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La nuova registrazione di i-d-e-e!
  • Dear students and teachers,

    thanks to your precious and useful feedback, the registration and the access procedure became more simple and user-friendly. As you can see on i-d-e-e home page, the interface is more intuitive. The class code is not required anymore during the student registration, and the same goes for the “school code” during the teacher registration. They can can be added inside the account later on.

    At your disposal in the menu Discover i-d-e-e, in the home page, two useful tutorials to follow:

    Student’s registration
    Teacher/school registration

    Also, when students enter their account, they can decide which Resource they want to activate the countdown for, or they can only use their Tools without spending the hours at their disposal.

    For any doubts and clarifications we are at your disposal at [email protected].

    Buon lavoro!

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