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Gioco di società di Via del Corso A2 is available

  • Dear teachers,

    We are glad to infrom you that the Gioco di società di Via del Corso A2, is available. It is the game box combined with the second volume of the Italian language course written by Telis Marin and Pierangela Diadori: it contains 300 cards (6 decks of 50 cards) to diversify the lesson, motivate and entertain the class!

    Each card deck is related to the content and the story of two units of the book and presents 4 different types of game:
    TABÙ – Try to make your teammates guess a word without using the taboo words… this game has never been so useful!
    INDOVINA – Who or what are you? Use the suggestion on the card to ask questions to the other players!
    CIAK! – Mime or communicative task? You choose!
    MIX – Build sentences, find missing words, choose answers... and what happens to the main characters of the story? Different questions to revise and tell stories.

    Some of the cards can be used to play two additional games:
    ARTISTI SI… NASCE! – Make you teammates guess the secret word using chalk/pen and a blackboard!
    IMPROVVISIAMO – Form sentences of meaning using the words written in the cards... and who remains without first… wins!

    The box contains also: 4 carte guida, the istruzioni and a foldable card holder.

    If you order Gioco di società di Via del Corso A2 directly from our website by November 30th, you can take advantage of our promotional 30% discount!

    Have fun!

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