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Via del Corso A1: the digital teaching guide is online

  • Dear teachers,

    We are glad to inform you that the digital version the Teaching Guide of Via del Corso A1 is available for free in the “resources for teachers and schools” section.

    The Teaching Guide is available for PC/MAC and tablet, and can be downloaded for free. It contains interactive pages and multimedia resources.

    By clicking on the icons and link you can:

    • Listen to the audio tracks;
    • Directly access the playful activities sections;
    • Connect to and to download and/or assign the final, progress and self-evaluation test.

    The layout of the Teaching Guide facilitates the teacher’s job. On the same page he will find:

    • A faithful reproduction of the Student’s book page completed with the keys;
    • Suggestions on how to introduce, present, develop each activity;
    • Clarifications on the grammatical phenomena that have been presented;
    • Useful cultural information;
    • Precise instructions on when and how to use the different course components.

    Buon lavoro!

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