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The Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1 gioco di società is now available!
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are delighted to inform you that the Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1 gioco di società is now available. The game comes with the first volume of our Italian course for foreigners, and it includes 300 cards (6 decks of 50) to shake the lesson up a bit, and engage and entertain the class!

    Each deck refers to the content and story of the unit, and offers 4 different types of game:
    TABOO - Make your classmates guess a word without using the taboo words... it's never been so useful!
    GUESS – Who or what are you? Use the suggestions to ask your classmates questions!
    ACTION! – Mime or communication exercise? You choose!
    MIX – Sentence builder, missing words, answers to choose from, true or false… and then, what happens to the main characters? Questions to revise and tell a story.

    Some cards can be used for two more types of games:
    LET'S BECOME ARTISTS! – Let’s see who can make their classmates guess a word with chalk/pen and a board!
    LET’S IMPROVISE – A challenge with sentences using words from the cards. The player who finishes the cards first… wins!

    In the box, you will find 4 guide cards, the instructions and a folding cardholder.

    If you order the Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1 gioco di società from our website before March 31st , you will have a 30% discount.

    We take this opportunity to remind you that the Via del Corso A1 and Via del Corso A2 gioco di società are also available.

    Have fun!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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