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The first Edilingua video contest has ended
  • Dear friends,

    The video contest to celebrate Edilingua’s 15th anniversary officially ended on 30 November. It was a great success in terms of participation and creativity!
    Our compliments to all our colleagues, the schools and especially the students who took part: you were all fantastic! The videos produced exceeded our expectations: enthusiasm, commitment, original ideas, humour, imagination, special effects, production, a high standard of acting, sound tracks… truly at Oscar level.

    Some comments are below:

    They are at a really high level!!!

    Wow... students just keep uploading their videos. Great idea from Edilingua!! Well done everyone!

    This video is amazing. My compliments for the originality of the script, the interpretation and the editing and camerawork. Good, good, good!

    All of them are really great! Not to mention the commitment shown by all the pupils. It is hard to choose! This contest should be repeated more often, it is highly motivating.

    Well done everyone!

    They are true masterpieces... choosing is tough!!!!

    Thanks, hi to everyone. All the videos are lovely. My compliments to all the guys who took part in this interesting initiative.

    So great to see everyone taking part. All the videos are really lovely.

    Well done guys! Good job! May the best win!

    Thanks to the 3 video contests (Nuovo Progetto italiano, Progetto italiano Junior and Forte! respectively), 57 schools across the world (Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Poland, Slovakia, Hungry, Spain, Russia, the Ukraine, Serbia) shared a common virtual space, competing with, commenting on and inspiring one another: a rare treat.
    In total the videos were viewed about 45,000 times and lots of comments were left, in addition to your emails, often full of enthusiasm for the initiative.

    Unfortunately, we cannot give an award to all the classes which participated, even though they all deserve one. According to the contest regulations, the 6 most viewed videos by 30 November will receive an award for each category (even if the channels will stay open for a little longer). The commission will select the 2 most original from these 6.
    In any case, special awards by the judges are not excluded… for videos of particular worth that were not viewed as much as others.

    As we said, we are really satisfied and proud of this contest and your enthusiasm for it. It was quite moving to see how our books inspired your creativity.

    We think that creating a video in Italian is hugely motivating and satisfying for students. So we decided that the contest, designed to celebrate our first 15 years of business, will become an annual event! We will soon provide entry details and dates for the 2012 video contest. In the meantime, we are happy to listen to any ideas you may have on how to improve it further!

    If you want to view the uploaded videos, visit our channels:

    Looking forward to the results!
    Keep up the good work!

    The editorial staff
    Edizioni Edilingua
    15 years
    of teaching innovation