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Software for the IWB of Arrivederci! 3
  • Dear teachers,

    We are pleased to inform you that the software for the IWB (Interactive WhiteBoard) of Arrivederci! 3 is now available. This software allows you to have on one disk many teaching resources (audio, textbook units, exercises, self-assessment activities, games, grammar explanation, teacher’s guide, etc.).

    We would like to remind you that the software for the IWB of Nuovo Progetto italiano (1 and 2) and Progetto italiano Junior (1, 2 and 3) is already available. This software that is compatible with the various versions of the two course books (for English speakers, German speakers, French speakers, etc.). It also offers the video course, either with or without subtitles, that complete the text book.

    You can use the Edilingua IWB software even with a simple projector!

    Below you can watch the video tutorial

    Adopting Edilingua’s course books you will enjoy a precious multimedia resource: a high quality and functional software based on the most recent and advanced publishing products for the English language. It is a software that offers the teacher enormous potentiality and the possibility to use it as an open system in order to create new material. This software stimulates the student’s participation and motivation as well as it encourages collaboration between students by offering various team games.

    The Edilingua IWB software is functional and intuitive: even teachers with basic computer skills are able to use it. It is a complete software that gives the teacher the possibility to create customized teaching routes and it can be used even with a simple video projector.

    The Edilingua IWB software was conceived and designed for class use and IT DOESN’T REPLACE THE STUDENT BOOK.

    You can download a demo of the first unit of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1 here! Once you have downloaded and saved the entire file (55.438 KB) you must decompress it with a program like WinRaR, WinZip, 7-Zip, Ark, etc. Only then you can install the program by clicking on the Progettoitaliano1Demo image.

    Buon lavoro!
    Edizioni Edilingua