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Arrivederci! 1 glossaries and new audio CD
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are pleased to inform you that the list of online glossaries for Arrivederci! 1 has been expanded to include the Croatian language glossary, which will be added to the existing English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian and Russian versions.

    As you know, our modus operandi is to improve - where possible - our publications. This is why, after taking your requirements and your feedback into account, we have re-recorded the Arrivederci! 1 audio CD. Conversations are identical to the previous version, but they are spoken in a much more natural and spontaneous manner.

    Here you can download the new, natural version of the audio CD and here the new slower tracks.

    In this way, Edilingua intends - once again - to demonstrate its commitment to helping the Italian language become more widespread, by making valuable and effective teaching tools available to you and your (our) students.

    Cordiali saluti
    Edizioni Edilingua