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Our Video courses and Audio CDs are on i-d-e-e!

  • Dear teachers and students,

    The schools year is about to begin and we thought to wish you a good start with a great news: students can access the DVDs and the Audio CDs of Nuovo Progetto italiano and Via del Corso* directly on i-d-e-e.
    In order to register they just need to insert the code they will find in their book. In case they don’t have the book, they can purchase the digital version directly on our eshop.

    By clicking on Video in the left menu, they can watch all the videos of Via del Corso A1 and A2 and of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1 and 2.
    In order to be used in any context, the videos are available in two versions: standard definition and HD; furthermore, it is possible to activate/deactivate the subtitles while watching the videos.

    The videos of Arrivederci! and the Progetto Italiano Junior are available on our Youtube channel.

    * The online version of the video of Via del Corso is available for free on i-d-e-e for those who have the book with DVD and CDs attached, and for purchase for those who have the version of the book without DVD and CDs attached.

    Moreover, by clicking on Audio in the left menu, students can listen to all audio tracks, also in slow speed version!

    Of course, teachers as well have access to the video material directly from their account.
    For any question you may have, please write at [email protected].

    Buon lavoro!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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