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Discover Via del Corso!

  • Dear Teachers,

    We are thrilled to inform you that you can now browse and/or print the first three units of Via del Corso A1, our new Italian course for adult and young adult students. The course has been created by Prof. Telis Marin and Prof. Pierangela Diadori.

    Via del Corso is an innovative Italian language and culture course. It is divided into four levels, but aims at having students communicate with each other from the very first lessons. The course revolves around a story, a noir comedy, narrated through a sit-com and a graphic novel.

    The first volume, available by the end of August, includes a DVD, two Audio-CDs, as well as an access code to interactive materials on the i-d-e-e platform.

    To discover the course and go through its units click here. And don't forget to click on the images to listen to various tracks and watch the videos!

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