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The multilingual glossary of L’italiano nell’aria 1 is now available
  • Dear teachers,

    We would like to inform you that the following materials for L'italiano nell'aria 1 are now available online:
    • Unit by unit glossary (for both the Student's Book and the Workbook)
    • Glossary of opera and music terms
    • Translations of the activities guidelines included in the Pronunciation Booklet
    All above glossaries are available in English, German and Russian; more languages will follow.
    To review them and/or print them, click here.

    We would also like to remind you that on Edilingua's website you can find several other online materials, like the Teacher's Guide, the Grammar Synopsis, the Pronunciation Final Test, as well as the keys to all activities included both in the Workbook and the Pronunciation Booklet.

    Buon lavoro!
    Edizioni Edilingua