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Interactive tests and games at your disposal!
  • Dear teachers,

    The Edilingua Library on, with lots of interactive tests and games ready to be used, is expanding! We uploaded new activities that are now at your disposal in our library, available in your teacher or school account.

    In addition to the tests and games of Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 and 2, you are now able to view, modify and assign tests for:

    - L’italiano all’università 1
    - Arrivederci! 1

    and games for:

    - Arrivederci! 1
    - Progetto italiano Junior 1-2-3

    For each test it is possible to consult the grammar, lexical and communicative contents, in order to target the research and adapt it to your needs. To better take advantage of the Edilingua Library, we invite you to watch the following videotutorial.

    For any question, contact us at: [email protected].

    Buon lavoro!
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