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Soon to be released Progetto Italiano Junior for English speakers and pour francophones!
  • Dear Colleagues,

    It is our pleasure to inform you that Progetto italiano Junior 3 for English speakers and Progetto italiano Junior 3 pour francophones.

    Progetto italiano Junior 3
    (level B1) is the third volume of a modern multimedia Italian course for students between the ages of 11 and 17. The course is taught through of a fun story told in comic strips, starring 5 Italian kids, with whom students can easily identify.

    In Progetto italiano Junior 3 for English speakers, the instructions for all the activities (in the Student’s book & Workbook), the notes on grammar and the [email protected] section are in English.
    The course comes complete with an Italian-English glossary and also contains activities connected with the video provided!

    Progetto italiano Junior 3 pour francophone
    s is made up of two volumes, Manuel and Cahier d’exercise. In the manual, which includes a video with suggested activities, the notes on grammar, the Autovalutazione instructions and the [email protected] section are in French. The manual concludes with an Italian-French glossary and the Outils de communication.

    The Cahier d’exercices, which provides all the activity instructions in French, also includes a series of Minitests, the section Cosa so fare? (fiches d’autoévaluation) and an Italian-French glossary.

    Edizioni Edilingua