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The audio tracks of Via del Corso A2 are online
  • Dear teachers,

    The audio tracks of Via del Corso A2 are available on our website. You can download them for free from the “Resources for teachers and schools” / “Audio CD” section.
    Students will be able to access the audio tracks directly on their account starting from end of August.

    All audio tracks are available both in “normal” speed version, spontaneous and authentic, and in “slow” speed version, that allows beginner students a better understanding and give them the possibility to practice pronunciation and intonation.

    The two versions, the natural speed one, attached to the book, and the slow speed one, available online, are an exclusive of Edilingua and make our courses (Via del Corso, Nuovo Progetto italiano, Progetto italiano Junior, Arrivederci!) more flexible as they give the teacher the opportunity to adapt them to their classes, choosing which version to listen to and when.

    In addition, we inform you that in September all the videos of Via del Corso A2 (sit-com episodes, animations and cultural videos) will be available in HD version on in the student environment.

    Buon lavoro!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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