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The Arrivederci! 2 Teacher’s Guide is now available online
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are pleased to inform you that the Arrivederci! 2 (A2) Teacher’s Guide can now be accessed online for free in the teacher’s section of the website.

    The guide contains useful information and suggestions about how to present the different units and how to choose texts and exercises. What’s more, the guide also contains more exercises and in particular, games, which you can use as extra activities. The photocopiable pages also provide more ideas on how to make learning more enjoyable and fun for your students.

    The printed version will be released soon, and you can either buy it in the shops or on our website.

    We’d also like to remind you that Arrivederci! 3 has just been released.

    Buon anno scolastico!
    Edizioni Edilingua
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