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Imparare l’italiano con Julia - Ucciderò
  • Dear teachers,

    we are glad to inform you that the first volume of Julia - Ucciderò of the new Edilingua series Imparare l’italiano con i fumetti is now available.

    The purpose of the series is to teach Italian through an original, motivating and engaging literary genre: the comics. In fact, before Julia, Edilingua published to comics with Dylan Dog, the charming nightmare investigator and one volume with Corto Maltese, the legendary romantic adventurer.

    Imparare l’italiano con Julia – Ucciderò (B1-B2 level) presents selected original comic strips in full color, together with activities that have been created by expert teachers and authors: prof. Diadori, prof. Cagli and prof. Spinosa.

    The book can be used in class or for self-learning, thanks to the keys in appendix.

    Edizioni Edilingua
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