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Turn your whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard!
  • Dear colleagues,

    A number of you have written to us with positive feedback on our Interactive Whiteboard software. Some of your comments are tinged with a sense of regret, however: "If only we had an IWB as well!" Well, the IWB software can be used with a basic projector, but some of the program's interactive functionality is unfortunately lost.

    If your school would like to have the full potential of our software, but is unable to afford an IWB, then we've got just the thing for you! A small, light and user-friendly device is available that can turn an ordinary whiteboard, screen, wall or any hard surface into an interactive tool.

    U-Pointer” is its name and our research has found that it represents the best value for money of all the products currently on the market. We've tried it and it works like a dream! So, in order to give a helping hand to schools who use our books, we decided to order the devices ourselves and put them on sale at the unbeatable price of €350! For order details and estimates (including delivery), drop us a line at [email protected]

    All you need to use the u-pointer is a video projector. The rest is a piece of cake!

    For more info on how the u-pointer works, click here.

    Below you can watch a demonstration video (in English)

     Download the u-Poiter software.

    All the best,
    Edizioni Edilingua