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Now available: Furto a scuola - Primiracconti per ragazzi

    Dear teachers,

    We are glad to inform you we have released Gli strani ospiti (A2, A2+ level), the second volume of our new series Primiracconti per ragazzi – easy readers for foreigners, a series created especially for teenage students. Using original short stories, our objective is not only to introduce teenagers to the pleasure of reading, but also to improve their linguistic and communication skills.

    Gli strani ospiti is the story of a group of teenage friends (some of the characters are also in Progetto italiano Junior) who spend their summer holiday in a small village in the mountains. Here, they will make a terrible discovery that will put them in danger.

    The volume includes an Audio CD and keys to all activities.

    Click here to browse and/or print the introduction and the first chapter of the book.

    Please note that if you order Gli strani ospiti directly from our website until October 22nd, you can take advantage of our promotional 30% discount.


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