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The Progetto Italiano Junior 3 Teacher’s Guide is out now!
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are pleased to announce the release of the Progetto italiano Junior 3 (B1) Teacher’s Guide.

    The guide provides useful tips and ideas aimed at making the teaching of Italian to young people and children more dynamic and functional, as well as containing a wide range of games, and exercises focusing on grammar, vocabulary and the communicative points explored in the text book. In addition, the guide contains the answers to the activities from the text book and the student exercise book, and the audio and video clip transcripts.

    The guide is available to buy in print in bookshops or on our website, but you can also access it in its entirety for free by going to the teacher’s section of our website! For us at Edilingua, this is another way that we can help you and respond to your needs.

    Edizioni Edilingua
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