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Browse the first 6 units of Nuovissimo Progetto Italiano 1

  • Dear teachers,

    Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1, the updated edition of the first volume of our Italian and culture language course is available!

    In Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1:
    • the course structure remains the same
    • the dialogues are more spontaneous and closer to everyday language
    • some activities are more inductive and engaging
    • some of the grammar tables have been simplified or moved in the new "Approfondimento grammaticale" section
    • the cultural section has been updated and the text are shorter
    • the vocabulary has been reviewed
    • the video episodes and the "Lo so io" quiz were shot from scratch, with new actors and locations and updated scriptsin the Workbook several activities are now more varied, with matching, ordering and multiple choice exercises instead of activities with open questions.

    Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1 includes: Student’s book + DVD and Workbook + audio CD attached + access code to the interactive materials on

    The ‘split’ versions, 1a and 1b, will be ready in mid-June. Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 2 and 3 will be available at the beginning of 2020.

    Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 will continue to be available throughout il 2019.

    Discover the first two units (introduttiva and 1) and browse online the unità 2 and 3 and the unità 4 and 5 together with the units of the Workbook, the video activities, the index and the foreword.

    If you order Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1 directly from our website by June 30th, you can take advantage of our promotional 30% discount!

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