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i-d-e-e for all!
  • Dear colleagues,

    i-d-e-e is now available for everybody, even if you are not using an Edilingua text book!
    Starting today, everybody can try the interactive versions of Via della Grammatica and our listening books, but most of all you can take advantage of the great tools offered by this innovative platform:

    *After the 30th of December you will be able to purchase access time to keep on using the tools and resources offered by the i-d-e-e platform.

    Here is what you have to do in order to receive the promotional codes for your students:

    Fill in the below section Request student codes and send your request at [email protected].

    You will receive via e-mail the number of codes you requested. Your students will use them to register on i-d-e-e.

    Each code will give access to the tools described above. In addition, you will be able to use the interactive versions of:
    - Via della grammatica (theory and exercises)
    - Ascolto (the levels are specified below)

    The promotional codes will be active until the 30th of December.
    After this date, your students (or you for them) can purchase additional access time (details here).
    Created classes, results, tests, etc. will continue to be available

    We are at your disposal for any question or clarification. You can contact us at [email protected].

    Buon lavoro and… welcome su i-d-e-e!

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    Request Student codes

    Number of codes for the level A1-A2 (Via della grammatica + Primo ascolto):
    Number of codes for the level B1-B2 (Via della grammatica + Ascolto medio):
    Number of codes for the level C1-C2 (Via della grammatica + Ascolto avanzato):

    Name and last name: