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The teacher’s guide of L’ italiano all’università 2 is available! -30% discount.
  • Dear teachers,

    We would like to inform you that the teacher’s guide of L’italiano all’università 2 (B1-B2) is available.

    The volume

    • Comprehends a rich general introduction on the adopted approach and on the structure of the course;
    • Presents in a clear way, for all of the 12 units of the book, the target of each activity and suggests ways to do them;
    • Supplies the keys of the exercises of the students’ book.

    Apart from the printed version, which you can buy either in bookshops or through our website, the teacher’s guide is also available for free in the section for teachers! This is another a way for us in Edilingua to meet your needs.

    If you order the Guide of L’ italiano all’università 2 directly through our site by the 15th of June you will get a 30% promotional discount.

    Buon lavoro!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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