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The new Workbook of Progetto Italiano 2 is here!
  • Dear friends,

    The updated version of the Workbook of Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 is now available (as well as the Workbook of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1)!

    Click here to browse, print and try in class the first three units!

    If you haven’t discovered the updated edition of the Workbook of Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 yet, here you can browse the first three units.

    Below is a short video which outlines the features of the new editions.

    Without radically modifying the content of the books, we have introduced the following changes:

    • greater coherence between the exercise book vocabulary and student book vocabulary;
    • full colour layout and new functional illustrations accompanying the exercises;
    • a ‘spiral’ approach, which sees structures and words that students have met in previous units regularly re-introduced in subsequent units;
    • a greater variety of teaching techniques, and one or two revision activities per unit focusing on lexical and communicative functions; this way repetition is avoided;
    • greater authenticity - the exercises are contextualised;
    • the video activities (video “episodes”) are now found at the end of each unit so that the video material (Nuovo Progetto italiano Video) fits in better with the other resources that make up the course;
    • in-depth grammar explanations in the appendix;
    • the updated editions of the exercises will soon be available in interactive format on the i-d-e-e platform too.

    Thanks to these changes the entire course becomes much more easy and fast, as well as a lot more engaging and modern!

    Buon lavoro!
    Edizioni Edilingua