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Primiracconti: new layout, new prices!
  • Dear friends,

    We are pleased to inform you that the new editions of all the titles of Primiracconti, our series of easy readers for adults and teenagers, are now available.

    Apart from giving the series Primiracconti a more modern and attractive layout, we have also improved the prices! Now the version of the book with the Audio CD is only 8,10 euro! (for orders of 5 or 10 copies, a discount of 20% and 25% respectively is applied).

    The contents (the stories and the activities) remain the same and the students that do not have the Audio CD can listen to the exercises on our web site (in the “resources for students” section).

    In addition, form the page dedicated to each volume of the series, it is possible to see and download some pages in PDF format.

    For more information, you can click on the title of each reader.

    Traffico in centro
    Elementary level (A1-A2)

    Mistero in Via dei Tulipani
    Elementary level (A1-A2)

    Dieci Racconti
    10 short stories inspired by Nuovo Progetto italiano 1. Elementary level (A1-A2)

    Un giorno diverso
    Pre-intermediate level (A2-B1)

    Il manoscritto di Giotto
    Pre-intermediate level (A2-B1)

    Lo straniero
    Pre-intermediate level (A2-B1)

    Undici Racconti
    11 short stories inspired by Nuovo Progetto italiano 2. Intermediate level (B1-B2)

    Italo Calvino
    Easy-to-read literature. Intermediate level (B1-B2)

    Intermediate level (B1-B2)

    Il Sosia
    Advanced level (C1-C2)

    Buon lavoro!

    Edizioni Edilingua
    qualità e innovazione didattica