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All audio tracks and the first tests of Via del Corso A1 are now online

  • Dear Teachers,

    We are happy to inform you that you can now find on our website all audio tracks of Via del Corso A1. Teachers have free access to the tracks, which can be downloaded without any charge from the section 'Resources for Teachers and Schools' > 'Audio CD'.

    All tracks are available both in a 'natural speed', which is more authentic, and in a 'slow speed', which helps beginner-level students to better understand the dialogues and to practice their pronunciation and intonation.

    Having the 'natural speed' version attached in the book and the 'slow speed' version available online represents another one of Edilingua's exclusivities that guarantees our courses (Via del Corso, Nuovo Progetto italiano, Progetto italiano Junior, Arrivederci!) are more flexible. Teachers have the possibility to adapt to the proper needs of each class they have, choosing freely which version of each audio track their students will listen to.

    Moreover, you can now find on both the final and the progress tests of the first three units of the book. After logging-in on the platform, you can find the tests in the Edilingua Archive and import them in your personal Archive if you wish to assign them to your classes with a simple click of the button. Remember: correcting exercises is now an automatic procedure!

    Buon lavoro!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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