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Edilingua’s New Logo

  • Edilingua turns 20 years old and gets a new look!

    Our new look is the reflecting image of a dynamic identity that has evolved and is still evolving. It is the reflecting image of a corporate identity that is being renewed while remaining true to its values; to the very same values that have helped Edilingua to grow and mature, day after day; to the very same values that will continue to guide us in the future.

    Experience – Competence – Renewal, those are the three fundamental pylons of Edilingua. As is the dynamic dialogue between teachers, between you and us; the mutual comprehension deriving from 20 years of teaching experience, of teachers working with dedication, eagerness and great passion!

    Our anniversary is your celebration. You are the ones who believe in us and trust us; you are the ones who motivate us and inspire us on a daily basis to become better.


    The Edilingua’s staff