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The volume Impariamo l’italiano con Corto Maltese is available
  • Dear teachers,

    We are pleased to inform you that the first volume of ...e di altri Romei e di altre Giuliette, of the new Edilingua series Imparare l’italiano con i fumetti, is now available.

    This is a series that aims at teaching the Italian language through an original, stimulating and engaging literary genre, high quality comics. Indeed, Corto Maltese comes after two volumes dedicated to Dylan Dog, the fascinating world famous investigator, while other titles dedicated to the criminologist Julia will follow.

    Imparare l’italiano con Corto Maltese …e di altri Romei e di altre Giuliette (level B2-C1) offers all the original strips, in full colour, accompamied by activities by expert teachers and authors: professor Diadori, Cagli and Spinosa.

    The volume can be used either in classroom or for self-study, thanks to the keys in the appendix. You can also listen to the radio set-up that you can find on the Edilingua site.

    Cordiali saluti
    Edizioni Edilingua