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  • Dear teachers,

    After many months of hard work and testing, i-d-e-e (italiano-digitale-edizioni-edilingua), the first multi-platform for schools, teachers and students of Italian that many of you have been waiting for with great interest and enthusiasm, is finally on line on!

    Click here to browse the brochure that presents in brief the philosophy and the contents of the platform.

    On, but also on our web site you will find a series of Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials, tips and videos that should clear up your doubts. Soon we will also upload video-tutorials in order to further assist you in the transition to a new way of work that, in our opinion, makes teaching of Italian better!

    We would like to point out that this is a “beta” version of i-d-e-e; thus it is still not complete nor perfect. However you can already find and start using many tools and resources. So, teachers and schools of Italian can:

    • Register
    • Create their virtual classes
    • Start preparing tests and interactive games, one of the most useful and important tools of the platform
    • Consult the Gradebook (Registro) to monitor the performance of their students (after they have registered and inserted the class code)
    • Create and send messages and assignments to their classes
    • Use the calendar
    • Consult the FAQ to clear up any doubt on the use of i-d-e-e
    • Use the “demo” function, in “Discover i-d-e-e” to have access to the students environment and try the first units of interactive material, consult the Grammar Tables and the Interactive Grammar.

    In September, teachers will also be able to consult the “Detailed results” with a lot more information about their students;

    • Use the MIX function, i.e. the creation of customized interactive material packages for their students
    • Create blogs and wikis
    • Create Oral activities
    • Consult the various tutorials and video-tutorials that will simplify even further the use of the platform
    Your students will be able to log in to i-d-e-e in September. Apart from the tests and the games that you have prepared for them, they will also find interactive exercises, with automatic correction and evaluation, of:
    • Nuovo Progetto italiano 1, 2 (updated versions!) and 3
    • Progetto Italiano Junior 1, 2, 3 (same exercises found in the french, english and german versions but with the instructions in Italian)
    • Arrivederci! 1, 2, 3
    • L’italiano all’università
    • Via della Grammatica

    In the following months, they will also find our video-courses, our listening books and other interactive material!

    We remain at your disposal for any question you may have and we will be waiting for your first comments!

    See you soon!

    Edizioni Edilingua
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