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Il Sosia

M. Dominici
Easy readers for foreigners. Advanced level (C1-C2)


Il sosia (C1-C2) narrates the story of Onofrio Maneggioni, an important business man that gets kidnapped in front of his villa. At least this is what the TV says and what everyone thinks. In reality, behind the kidnapping of the businessman hides a past that comes back to knock at Maneggioni's door to settle some unfinished matters...
An absorbing story in which dramatic events are never lacking, thus keeping the reader's attention and curiosity high until the very last page.

Primiracconti is Edilingua series of easy readers for adult students and for teenagers.

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Each story is followed by:

  • Brief notes, well-balanced to the text, explaining the most difficult words, expressions and colloquialisms that are commonly used in Italy;
  • Original and beautiful designs to both facilitate comprehension and make reading more enjoyable;
  • Pre-reading questions to help students/readers become more involved and reflect on the text;
  • Activities aiming to develop various skills, mostly those related to reading comprehension and consolidation of vocabulary;
  • Keys offering students the possibility to self-evaluate their written and oral comprehension;
  • An Audio-CD including professional multi-voice reading of the text to help students grasp the accent, the pronunciation and the intonation while practicing on listening exercises.
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Il sosia (C1-C2 level)*: a rich businessman, Onofrio Maneggioni, is kidnapped in front of his villa.

* two versions available: with Audio-CD and without Audio-CD.

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  • Il sosia

    ISBN 978-960-6632-18-1
    pp. 56 formato 15 x 21
    Price: 6.50€   5.53€
  • Il sosia + CD Audio

    ISBN 978-960-693-003-4
    pp. 56 formato 15 x 21
    Price: 8.90€   7.57€
  • Il sosia (C1-C2)

    Price: 6.90€   5.90€
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