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L'italiano all'università 2
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L'italiano all'università 2

Matteo La Grassa, Marcella Delitala, Fiorenza Quercioli
Italian course for universities and language institutes. Intermediate level (B1-B2).


Each volume comprises the Student’s book divided into 12 teaching units and the Workbook, with 12 units and keys to the exercises. At the end of each unit there is either an assessment test on the linguistic and communicative skills or a self evaluation table with the corresponding solutions.

Each unit of the Student’s book is divided in the following sections:

  • Entriamo in tema, introductory activities to motivate the students and enhance the reading comprehension;
  • Comunichiamo, includes both the main text, followed by comprehension activities, and activities on the communicative functions;
  • Impariamo le parole, activities for the introduction, expansion and recycling of the vocabulary;
  • Parole che usi all’università, activities for the introduction and recycling of the vocabulary mainly used in texts that students often read at the university;
  • Facciamo grammatica, activities for the introduction and reuse of the grammar phenomena;
  • Analizziamo il testo, activities for the introduction and reuse of the text elements;
  • Scriviamo insieme, group writing activities (information research, elaboration of the exercise, confront with the other members of the group);
  • Strategie che usi all’università, activities for the introduction and reuse of the strategies used to produce texts in the university environment;
  • Conosciamo gli italiani, presents a written text on aspects of Italian culture and society, and ideas for discussion in order to foster intercultural exchange between the students and the Italian reality;
  • Si dice così, summarizes the expressions and the communicative functions encountered in the unit;
  • Sintesi grammaticale, summarizes and systematizes the grammar phenomena encountered in the unit.    
The sections of the Workbook are organized in sections as well: Functions, Vocabulary, Grammar, Textuality, Per concludere, Preposition, Key words.

L’italiano all’università is completed by:

i-d-e-e, a platform that incorporates all the exercises of the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers
An audio CD, attached to the book.
The Theacher’s guide presents presents an introduction on the structure and on the philosophy of the course and explains the goals of each activity, suggesting also ideas on how to apply them. It also includes the solution to the exercises of the Student’s book. The guide (among the downloadable items on the right) is also entirely available online.

  • L'italiano all'università 2

    ISBN: 978-960-693-069-0
    pp. 324 – formato 21 x 28
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  • L'italiano all'università 2 - Guida per l'insegnante

    ISBN: 978-960-693-095-9
    pp. 96 – formato 21 x 28 
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