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Italiano Medico
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Italiano Medico

D. Forapani
The Italian health service, medical terminology, clinical cases.
Intermediate level (B1-B2).


Italiano Medico, which was produced in partnership with the University of Parma, is aimed at foreign students (both Erasmus and non-Erasmus students, and European and non-European students) who are studying at Italian universities or foreign professionals with a B1-B2 level of Italian who are working in Italian hospitals or universities. The way the book is organised means that it can be used in class or as part of independent learning, as the answers to the exercises are found at the back of the book.

As the name suggests, Italiano Medico focuses on specialist medical language and terminology, and is divided into ten units, which are structured as follows:

  • the first two units focus on language relating to the human body and medical apparatus;
  • the next three units introduce the Italian national health system, Italian hospitals and donating blood in Italy, respectively;
  • the final five chapters, which are even more specific, each look focus on a different bodily systems: the digestive system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the urinary system and the nervous system.
The book contains an appendix, a glossary, a sitography, transcriptions of the audio clips, answer section and accompanying audio CD.

Italiano Medico
is the winner of the European Language Label, an award that “encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, initiatives that are original and creative, and which are able to motivate students and teachers, actively improving understanding between cultures by promoting language skills".

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Each unit contains:

  • an introductory section, which often includes pictures to facilitate comprehension and motivate students;
  • sections for each of the four language skills.
The units that look at specialist medical topics are introduced by a section exploring the anatomy of the organ that is the focus of that unit. These units are accompanied by clinical cases or topics relating to the doctor-patient relationship. They also contain:

  • Search on Google Video” and “Provide your contribution to the web” sections, which give students the option of searching for extra materials on the internet, or creating blogs, WebQuests or interest groups on Facebook.
  • a “Did you know …?” section, which explores one aspect of the main topic of that unit in more detail.
Each unit also contains grammar points, group games and role plays, which aim to get students using the terminology.

  • Italiano Medico (+ audio CD)

    ISBN 978-960-693-092-8
    pp. 112 - 21 x 27 format
    Price: 16.90€   14.37€