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La nuova Prova orale 2
La Prova Orale >> La nuova Prova orale 2

La nuova Prova orale 2

T. Marin – F. Di Paolo
Material for conversation and preparation for speaking tests. Intermediate-advanced level (B2-C2)


La nuova Prova orale 2
is the second collection of a modern and updated conversation manual, which aims at providing all the necessary support to students at a B2-C2 level, to help improve their oral production and mediation skills, and to help them prepare for the speaking tests of the main Italian language certification exams.

The book is organized in 4 sections:
  • Thematic units, which make up the central part of the book. They present a number of current affairs topics that allow students to talk about most aspects of modern life, thanks to a rich number of questions and tasks which encourage discussion and debate. The units are in order of difficulty;
  • Communicative tasks, which allow students to practise problem solving skills similar to those found in the various speaking exams of the Italian language certifications, for example in the CELI 3 exam;
  • Proverbs and aphorisms, which allow the student to practise analysing and commenting famous phrases, as for example in the CELI 5 exam;
  • The glossary, which allows the student to consult the meaning of more complex words in order to complete each single unit.
La nuova Prova orale 2 can be used in the classroom with students who have completed about 200 hours of lessons. Each unit provides 60-90 minutes of conversation material; each communicative task or proverbs and aphorisms exercise provide 10-20 minutes of activities and 15 to 30 minutes of conversation.

Here on the right you can browse the foreword, the index and an extract of the units, the tasks, the aphorisms and the glossary.
  • La nuova Prova orale 2

    ISBN 978-88-99358-93-8
    pp. 128- formato 21 x 29
    Price: 17.90€   15.00€
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