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Supplemento inglese - Via del Corso A1

The code provides 20 hours of access* for 18 months to the units of the book and to numerous tools available on the platform (interactive grammar, glossaries, note-taking, etc.).

This book is a Supplement to help you and your teacher save valuable time during lessons.

It includes:

  • definitions of all the words and expressions in the student’s Text Book, as well as those in the Exercise Book.
  • grammar notes which briefly explain the grammatical elements in each unit.

* When the student logs in, a timer records the active minutes and hours of connection. To avoid wasting time, the timer stops automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

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  • Supplemento in lingua inglese di Via del Corso A1

    ISBN 979-12-5980-108-1
    Prezzo: 3,90€   3,30€
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