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Our YouTube Channel

On Edilingua’s YouTube channel you can now watch (without captions), share and/or comment on all videos from Nuovo Progetto italiano, Arrivederci! and Progetto italiano Junior.

These videos have been created for those who study Italian and wish to integrate the lesson in a motivational and joyful manner. All respective DVDs are included in our course books with no extra charges for students.

The following sections are available:

  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 episodes
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 interviews
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 quizzes
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 episodes
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 interviews
  • Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 quizzes
  • Arrivederci 1
  • Arrivederci 2
  • Progetto italiano Junior 1 episodes
  • Forte 1 episodes
  • Videos addressed to teachers
To access our YouTube channel click here.

Moreover, on our i-d-e-e (italiano digitale edizioni edilingua) channel you can find a series of videotutorials for all the users of this innovative educational platform, which has been created exclusively for those teaching and learning Italian.


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