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Here in Edilingua we are aware that every human action has an impact on the environment. We believe that the future of our planet depends on all of us. So, in our own small way we do our best to help save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
Although today's technology does not allow high-quality printing on recycled paper, our group of 16 people tries to contribute by adopting new habits and through a campaign to raise awareness and provoke thought among the users of our books.
Here in Edilingua
  • all the rubbish bags are biodegradable (Virosac)
  • all detergents for dishes and for the floor are biodegradable (ECOSI')
  • liquid soap in the bathrooms contains natural surfactants (ECOSI')
  • all the lamps use low energy bulbs
  • all appliances are class A, so low energy consumption
  • in addition to air conditioning we use fans to reduce energy consumption
  • our printers print on both sides of the paper, thus reducing paper consumption
  • we use recycled printer paper (Fabriano)
  • for the walls we have used only ecological colours
  • there are bins for recycling paper in all offices, corridors, kitchen and warehouse.
  • on average we recycle more than 3 tons of paper a year. In addition, we recently recycled about 300 kg of electrical equipment
  • bins for recycling glass, plastic and aluminium allow us to reduce the amount of waste that is discharged on landfill
  • for many years all the screens of our computers have had liquid crystal display (TCO 03), thus low energy consumption
  • several years ago we eliminated all the plastic cups in our offices
  • Edilingua envelopes and cartons are made from recycled paper
  • at the bottom of all our emails the following note appears: Respect the environment: Please Consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
Our books:

  • we have always avoided using cellophane to wrap those of our books that contain an audio CD or a CD-ROM, ie, about 100,000 books every year. It was a deliberate choice, since 1 Kg of polyethylene results in the emission of 2 Kg of carbon dioxide (CO2)!
  • "The Earth needs your help" is a small but constant awareness campaign for students: a symbol, which will gradually be added to the back of all our books, and a note inside them that is an invitation to reflection, an incentive to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions for sustainable development. This is a unique initiative, at least in the publishing field, which puts Edilingua forefront in the field of environmental awareness.

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