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Edilingua editions website term of use

Edilingua editions

Edilingua publishing house gives to its website users the possibility to freely explore the content of its web page at Edilingua editions also offer registered users the opportunity to use the community features and other information services.

Username and password

You can access the community features once you have chosen a username and password not yet assigned and provided that you have accepted these terms and conditions.

Liability regarding the Edilingua user name and abuse

You are liable for the confidential management of the username and password assigned to you, especially using the Edilingua website under your name. Should you dicover any abuse you must inform Edilingua immediately. If Edilingua discovers any abuse by a member or if it has strong suspicions against anyone, it has the right to expel users from the community and / or restrict their access to functions Edilingua.
Whoever is liable for any abuse is required to reimburse any expenses that arise to the company due to such action.

Additional member liabilities

Users are also required to:
- not provide false information or confounding information about themselves and especially not to register under a false identity or multiple user names.;
- not use personal data or information regarding other members in any way .

Privacy - Data protection

The protection of personal data is an absolute priority for Edilingua. The company will thus ensure the protection of data at any time.

Current law and jurisdiction

Italian law shall be the only law applicable. The competent court shall be that of Rome, Italy.

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