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Their names are Feyiza, Shekhinah Diva, Ariel Francisco, Van Thi, Cheikh Ahmet Yutha. They come, respectively, from Vietnam, Cambodia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Brazil, Bolivia and they are the children we adopted in collaboration with Actionaid Italy and that are now part of our family!
This adoption, made possible by those who use our books, gives the opportunity to these children who live in areas of extreme poverty, to have access to clean water, health care, to go to school and to create a better future.

It is not much. We believe that it is the minimum that a company can do as part of its social responsibility. We would like to do more. Thanks to your constant support, we hope to succeed to do so in the future.

We hope that this initiative, apart from helping these children to live a better life, can be an incentive for those who read these lines, for schools and students who use our books, to lend their support and take similar initiatives. It takes very little.

ActionAid is an independent international organization committed to fighting causes of poverty and social exclusion; it acts primarily through long-term programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the richer countries, however, the organization aims to involve citizens, businesses and institutions, highlighting their responsibilities towards the most marginalized communities in the southern hemisphere. Present in Italy since 1989, it is a non-profit social organization, recognized as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Interior and as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Each year its balance sheet is available on the website
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