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Arrivederci! 1 is here!
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are pleased to inform you that the fist level of our new multimedia course, Arrivederci! 1, is now available.

    Arrivederci! is a modern and communicative course composed of thee volumes, one for each level. It is for adults and young adult students with or without previous knowledge of the Italian language. Thanks to a slow and gradual progression the book is also suitable for students that have never studied a foreign language.

    By clicking here you can view the first 3 units of Arrivederci! 1.

    Arrivederci! 2 (A2) will be released in September 2011, while the third volume, (B1) will be released in January 2012. Furthermore, the software for the Interactive Whiteboard is in preparation, as well as other supplementary material.

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