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Preparazione al GCSE in Italian is now available!
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are proud to inform you of the release of Preparazione al GCSE in Italian, the first publication entirely dedicated to the General Certificate of Secondary Education in Italian.

    Preparazione al GCSE in Italian thoroughly covers all thematic areas related to the contents of the curriculum as specified by the AQA and Edexcel commissions. All four chapters (Media and Arts, Sports and Free Time, Holidays and Geography, Education and Work) provide exercises and activities suitable to develop the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills necessary for both the controlled assessment (Speaking and Writing) and the examination (Listening and Reading) of GCSE.

    The volume also includes two complete GCSE practice exams, compiled according to AQA and Edexcel specifications (the Edexcel practice exam can be downloaded for free from our website). Both exams correspond to the Higher Tiers typology.

    The volume includes the keys to all exercises and an Audio-CD.

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