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Imparare l’italiano con Corto Maltese – La laguna dei bei sogni

  • Dear collegues,

    It is with great pleasure that we inform you of the release of ‘La laguna dei bei sogni’, another Corto Maltese volume of Edilingua’s new book series Imparare l’italiano con i fumetti.

    The book series in question has been created in order to teach our students the Italian language through an original literary medium, both motivating and engaging: a graphic novel. ‘La laguna dei bei sogni’ is the second volume telling the adventures of Corto Maltese, the legendary romantic adventurer who was created by Hugo Pratt. In the same series you can also find volumes on Dylan Dog, the fascinating unpredictable investigator, and on Julia, the young criminologist.

    Imparare l’italiano con Corto Maltese – La laguna dei bei sogni (B2-C1 level) offers -in full colour- the complete version of the original, edited for educational reasons by experienced teachers and writers: Prof. Diadori, Prof. Cagli and Prof. Spinosa.

    The volume can be used either in a classroom or for self-study since all activity keys are included. Moreover, you can listen to the corresponding audio file which you can find on Edilingua’s website.

    Click here to browse and/or print the index, introduction and several pages of the volume.

    Best regards,

    Edizioni Edilingua
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