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Video courses of Arrivederci! 1 and 2
  • Dear teachers,

    We are pleased to inform you that the video course of Arrivederci! is ready! So, from today, in addition to the audio CD, Arrivederci 1 (including Arrivederci for English speakers) and 2 will have the DVD of the video course attached with no additional costs!

    The new video course includes episodes and video interviews of Nuovo Progetto italiano Video, carefully selected and adapted to cover the topics of Arrivederci! 1 and 2 units. Thus the course is completed by high quality video material, already much appreciated by teachers and students of Italian!

    On our YouTube channel you can now find two dedicated sections with all the videos of Arrivederci! 1 and Arrivederci! 2.

    All video activities of Arrivederci! are already available on our website and can be downloaded for free from the ‘Resources for teachers and schools’ section.

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