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Forte in grammatica! is available
    Dear teachers,

    We are pleased to inform you we have released Forte in grammatica!, a basic grammar book for children aged 7-11.

    Forte in grammatica! (A1-A2 level) is full-colour and presents 28 units + 6 revision tests. It can be used as a valid complementary resource since it presents common contents with any language course and follows the same progression.
    Each unit deals with one or two grammatical phenomena that gradually increase in difficulty; it presents clear linguistic examples and motivates children to inductively form simple grammar rules. Moreover, the volume can be used for self-study as it includes answer keys in the appendix, thus allowing children to practice on their own at home, preferably under the guidance of an adult.

    Click here to browse and/or print the introduction, the index and some pages of Forte in grammatica!

    Best regards,

    Edizioni Edilingua
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