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i-d-e-e no.2: loads of digital tools for students and teachers!
  • Dear colleagues,

    Following the huge interest shown in the i-d-e-e platform since we broke the news to you all a short time ago, we are delighted to announce several new features that complement and integrate fully with the interactive exercises and the student progress analysis function.

    If you are au fait with the internet, then you might want to take a look at our new, comprehensive i-d-e-e video that follows or you can watch it on our Facebook page, (where you can comment or ask questions).

    The basic premise is that students can do the exercises (including listening and video activities) on their computer or tablet. While they are practicing, they can use a number of digital tools. These include a dictionary, several glossaries, two grammar books (one is interactive!) and a calendar. Students can also take notes, record their answers with a special voice recorder, send messages to their teacher and check progress statistics!

    And as if that weren’t enough, the teacher tools are even more useful! Options for sending messages, activities, announcement and questionnaires and for developing lesson plans, creating speaking activities and taking notes are coming soon.

    However, the real groundbreaking development is the option of easily creating your own interactive tests and games! These can be assigned to the whole class or even single students. New tests can also be created using questions taken from other tests and teachers can share them together with the interactive games. As well as the huge amount of time, paper and money you will save, you get the added bonus of delivering personalised teaching programmes.

    Judging by your feedback, the i-d-e-e project already seems to be something of a mini-revolution! But that’s not all: we’ll be in touch soon with more info, new features, explanations and... idee!

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